Wong Yuk San, Youngest member of Tin Yung Qui Troupe

Wong Guk San

Wong Guk San

Wong Yuk San, age 26, was born in Shanghai. He is listed as an actor and his compensation for the tour was $500. He was the youngest member of the troupe. His act of spinning small saucers on the ends of two sticks had never been done by any other juggler and required many years of practice. Wong Guk San came from a family of performers famous in China. Tin Yung Qui was his instructor. His acts were the result of the tireless efforts of his teacher and the fact that he practiced almost constantly. He was obedient to his master in all things. He had many enthusiastic admirers because of his skill and grace.

Sources: Wong Yuk San, 1909, NARA, RG 85, Case RS2208; Seattle Times, Seattle, WA, Aug 15, 1909, p. 20.

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