About me

In 2008 I received a grant from 4Culture to research and write a paper on the Chinese community’s involvement in the AYPE.

My interest in the Chinese evolved from my volunteer work indexing the Chinese Exclusion Act files at the National Archives on Sand Point Way in Seattle. If you would like to know more accessing these records, read my article which was published in APGQ in March 2006.

Other background information about me–Program Chair for the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild Conference on AYPE in March 2009, graduate of MOHAI’s Nearby History writing class, a keen interest in Washington State and Pacific Northwest history, Certified Genealogist and family history researcher.

In May 2015 I started a blog on the Chinese Exclusion Act files. Check it out at ChineseExclusionFiles.com

I can be reached at trish.nicola6@gmail.com.

Trish Hackett Nicola

A-Y-P Exposition 1909-2009

One Comment on “About me”

  1. Diana Lum Says:

    HI Trish, My name is Diana Lowe Lum and I am the grand daughter of Quan Yut On. My mother is Quan Ying Jew, Quan Yut On’s only daughter. We reside in Newark, California. I am writing to you with interest since I have been doing genealogy research on my grandfather and found a photo of my grandfather in your blog. Apparently he attended the 1909 exhibition with his father Quan Kai, a millionaire Flour Merchant from China. I would like to contact you to see if you can give me advice on how I can find additional information on either my grandfather or great grandfather. You can reach me via email at dianallum@gmail.com. Thank you!

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