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Chinese Actors Admitted into the U. S.

November 18, 2009

SS Monteagle Passenger List, 11 May 1909

On June 6, 1909, two Chinese professional actors were admitted into the United States to participate in the A.Y. P. Fair in Seattle. Wong Yuk Sun, age 26, and Hing Wing Kee, age 40, from Shanghai, were employed to work in the Chinese Village. They each would receive $250 for the season and were to return to China at the close of the Exposition.

Ah King NARA RG85 Case RS2231

Ah King testified for them. He paid their salary, a $500 bond, and their round-trip passage.

Sources: NARA RG 85, File RS 2207 and RS 2208; NARA RG85, M1464, Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956, accessed 8 May 2009 from; NARA RG85, RS2231.

Lim Sing, Concessionaire at AYPE

September 13, 2009

Lim Sing (Lum See Guey) was 28 years old, born in Leung Poy Village, Sun Woey district.

He traveled with Ah King in China in 1909. Lim Sing had forty cases of goods shipped to Seattle early in the year and brought thirty more with him when he returned to Seattle in May. The goods were to exhibit and sell at the Fair. He rented a space from Ah King and agreed to give him a percentage of his profits.

On September 17, 1909 Lim Sing made an inquiry to the Immigration Commissioner, as to whether he could remain in this country to dispose of any goods not yet sold. He was told that according to Department circular No. 183 issued January 7, 1909 he was required to return to China by thirty days following the close of the Exposition. If he could comply with the requirements of Section 6 of the Act of July 5, 1884, he could be readmitted upon return to this country. It is not known if he stayed on.

Source: Lim Sing, 1909, NARA, RG85, Case RS2163.

Ah King – Post Card from China

August 28, 2009

Ah King, organizer of the Chinese Village, sent this post card, dated 9 Jan 1909, to W. M. Rice, Special Agent of the Treasury Department in Seattle.

Ah King left for China in December 1908 to purchase curios and scout for actors and laborers for the Chinese Village. He returned in June 1909. See Ah King’s 1908 Trip to China for more information

Post Card from Ah King (Courtesy of Dan Kerlee)

Post Card from Ah King (Courtesy of Dan Kerlee)

Back: Ah King’s post card to W M. Rice, Seattle, Washington
(Photo courtesy of D. Kerlee,

Post card of Victoria Peak Tram, Hong Kong (Courtesy Dan Kerlee)

Front: The Victoria Peak Tram, Hong Kong. (Photo courtesy of D. Kerlee,

Sources: (See for more background and details.)