China Day & Parade

September 13, 1909 was declared China Day at A-Y-P. Goon Dip was the parade chair. Lew Kay, the son of a pioneer Chinese merchant in Seattle, was the program chairman. Kay was educated in public schools and was the first Chinese to enter the University of Washington. (In 1913 he married Rosaline L. Goon Dip, daughter of Goon Dip.)

The China Day celebration began with a parade through downtown streets. A replica of enormous dragon led the procession to the delight of the huge crowd. Goon Dip and J. E. Chilberg, A-Y-P president, headed up the procession in Dip’s automobile. Goon Dip, dressed in flowing silken robes, led the parade of his countrymen from Quong Tuck’s tea house to Washington Street. Goon Dip’s party consisted of his assistant Ah Keay, Rev. Fong Chack, Judge Thomas Burke, Consul Moy Pack-Hin, of Portland and other dignitaries. A Chinese quartet singing popular American tunes followed in another automobile. A police platoon led other dignitaries in Chinese garb on horseback. The A-Y-P marching band was next. Then four Chinese bands riding on floats decorated with Chinese and American colors and playing Chinese music made their appearance.

Sources: Oregonian, Oct. 16, 1913 p14; Seattle Times, Sept 13, 1909 p1.


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