Entertainment at the Chinese Village

The stars of the Chinese Village were theatre performers who caused a sensation with their juggling, magic and tests of great strength. They performed mystifying feats in magic, such as, producing eight great bowls of water containing many very lively gold fish, from apparently nowhere, and finishing the act by bringing from the same place one bowl filled to the brim weighing 25 pounds. The featured performances of the jugglers, magicians, and acrobats of the Tin Yung Qui Troupe changed daily. One of the magicians was a woman, which was not unusual for a Chinese performance in 1909, but was very unusual for an American performance.

Thousands were visiting the troupe daily and it was considered to be one of the most entertaining and educational features of the fair. The Seattle Star stated that the village was “a splendid example of the enterprise of the Chinese residents of Seattle, and shows that the far-famed “Seattle Spirit” is not alone confined to the breast of the Caucasian.”

The Tin Yung Qui troupe was popular with fair goers throughout the exposition. It was one of the few imported attractions to achieve widespread fame.

Sources: HistoryLink Essay 8964; Seattle Star June 9, 1909; Seattle Times, Oct. 20, 1909, p12.

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