Although the Chinese did not make a profit at A-Y-P, they gained status and respect in the community. A relatively small community of Chinese pulled off an amazing feat during the A-Y-P Exposition—the Chinese Village was popular and the Tin Yung Qui Troupe was an enormous hit. The Chinese parade and dragon were loved by huge crowds of people. Many Chinese dignitaries from far and wide visited the fair. Curious people tried their food and examined their curios. It would be another thirty-five years before the Chinese Exclusion Act would finally be overturned but the white community was more aware of the unfairness of immigration restrictions on the Chinese. The Chinese were respected by white community leaders like J. E. Chilberg, A-Y-P president. The success of the Chinese at A-Y-P was an enriching experience, something to be proud of and a legacy to pass on to future generations.

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