Parade details

The Seattle Times reported the parade as follows:

Float in China Day Parade Courtesy MOHAI

Float in China Day Parade Courtesy MOHAI

“Chinese horsemen in full military regalia with their armored suits and helmets, led detachments of footmen representing the Imperial Infantry, whose silken uniforms were a riot of color. Interspersed in the line were squads of small boys and girls bearing banners and emblems. Along side the young group, adult Chinese carried huge, heavy banners with Chinese inscribed on them. The big hit of the parade was the 150 foot-long dragon. It sat on the shoulders of fifty men whose legs represent a centipede. Footmen kept the dragon’s spirit subdued by threatening it with war clubs and spears. Following the dragon were thirty automobiles bearing local Chinese merchants and their visiting brethren from Vancouver, Victoria, Tacoma, Portland, Everett, Bellingham and other cities. Fifty children from the Seattle Chinese Imperial School dressed in Chinese attire were in another float. White women held up their children to see the children to the delight of all. In front of grave mandarins marched small boys, swinging incense lamps.”
“The parade moved up Second Avenue to Pike Street, thence to Sixth Avenue and Pine Street, where those not accommodated by automobiles, took cars for the exposition.
Before the main gate of the exposition hung the Chinese flag with a green dragon on a field of yellow. The demonstration in the city and at the exposition cost the local Chinese residents $5000 which was raised by subscription.”
“The dragon was brought here in sections at great expense from Marysville, California and was set up after arriving here.”

Sources: Seattle Times, Sept. 13, 1909 p1.


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