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Ah King – Post Card from China

August 28, 2009

Ah King, organizer of the Chinese Village, sent this post card, dated 9 Jan 1909, to W. M. Rice, Special Agent of the Treasury Department in Seattle.

Ah King left for China in December 1908 to purchase curios and scout for actors and laborers for the Chinese Village. He returned in June 1909. See Ah King’s 1908 Trip to China for more information

Post Card from Ah King (Courtesy of Dan Kerlee)

Post Card from Ah King (Courtesy of Dan Kerlee)

Back: Ah King’s post card to W M. Rice, Seattle, Washington
(Photo courtesy of D. Kerlee,

Post card of Victoria Peak Tram, Hong Kong (Courtesy Dan Kerlee)

Front: The Victoria Peak Tram, Hong Kong. (Photo courtesy of D. Kerlee,

Sources: (See for more background and details.)


Quan Kai, Merchant from Hong Kong Visits AYPE

August 21, 2009

Many dignitaries and influential business men and their families visited the Fair. They came from far and wide. Quan Kai, a millionaire flour merchant from Hong Kong visited the Fair with his sons, a nephew and a business friend and his son. They arrived from San Francisco. Mr. Kai said, “There is no doubt that the future extension of the world’s trade will be in the Orient. No country has as great advantages for trade in the Orient as has the United States.”

Quan Kai, Millionaire flour merchant from Hong Kong

Quan Kai, Millionaire flour merchant from Hong Kong

Back: Yet On, Quan Chee On
Front: Quan Yuen, Quan Kai

Sources: Seattle Times, June 29, 1908 p 109; Seattle PI, July 1, 1909, p1.