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Ah Ying and Fay Freeman Honeymoon at AYPE

August 21, 2009

The A-Y-P also attracted many Chinese from Portland and California. Ah Ying, a Chinese man and Miss Fay Freeman, a Caucasian, both of San Francisco, were married in Vancouver, Washington, on June 24, 1909. Because of laws prohibiting a marriage between Chinese and Caucasians in California and Oregon, they came to Washington. Ah Ying is a restaurant keeper, has his queue cut short, and dressed in Americanized clothes. It was noted that his bride, a milliner, age 21 was good looking and well-dressed, and was acting on her own free will. They visited the A-Y-P on their honeymoon before returning to San Francisco.

Source: Oregonian, June24 1909 p5; accessed from