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Tin Yung Qui – Tour after AYPE

September 12, 2009

W. J. Manion, Former Senate Clerk to Tour with Oriental Magician

William J. Manion, one of the senate clerks in the last regular session of the legislature, and quite well known in Olympia, who a few days ago resigned as assistant clerk in Justice Fred C. Brown’s court, at Seattle, will start today a new career as manager of Tin Yung Kui [sic], a magician, and Wong Guk Sun, a juggler, both of whom are at least locally famous as having performed at the AYP exposition.

Mr. Manion will play the two performers in all of the principal cities in the Canadian provinces. Tin Yung Kui and Wong Guk Sun are now in Vancouver. Mr. Manion will leave today for that city and start on a tour which he expects will circle the globe.

“I have been in China and Japan,” said Mr. Manion, who was formerly secretary of the Young Men’s Republican club of Seattle. “I know Tin Yung Kui and Wong Guk Sun by reputation. Tin Yung Kui was presented with $30,000 in gold for producing from his person 12 bowls of water each bowl containing gold fish. I have seen a great many magicians in this country and abroad, but I have never seen his equal. It is necessary for us to go back to China and pay a certain sum before he can legally come into this country. That is what we propose to do. The regulations of the immigration department will be observed, but we will be back here playing to American audiences.”

Mr. Manion will act as manager for the two Chinese performers throughout their tour of the world.

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