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Kee Sing visits from Vancouver, BC

August 24, 2009
Kee Sing, Merchant from Vancouver, BC

Kee Sing, Merchant from Vancouver, BC

Kee Sing, a silk merchant from Vancouver, B.C., applied in July 1909 to visit the AYPE in Seattle.

Kee Sing was born on 16 May 1871. He was in business in Victoria, BC from 1891 to 1900 before moving to Vancouver. His business and home were located at 617 Westminster Avenue.

His attorney, David C. Lew, wrote a letter to Mr. P. L. Prentis, Inspector in Charge, in Vancouver, advising him that Kee Sing would be visiting the Exposition

Source: Kee Sing 1909, NARA, RG 85, Case RS2319.


Hsu Ping-Chen, Consul General of China at San Francisco

August 22, 2009
Hsu Ping Chen Family

Hsu Ping Chen Family

When Hsu Ping-Chen, Consul General of China at San Francisco, and his family visited, local Chinese merchants took them on a long automobile tour of the city followed by a visit of the A-Y-P grounds. His family had held public office for many generations. His wife was a prominent member of the Chinese Women’s Free-Foot Association, which was campaigning against foot-binding. Their son attends school at Berkeley, California. They dined at Yung Hung Restaurant on Washington Street. Goon Dip and other prominent Chinese made speeches. He left the next day for official duties in Victoria and will visit the Fair grounds again on his return trip to San Francisco.

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