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Harry Ding and William Lai

September 1, 2009

Harry Ding and William Lai and several other musicians from Portland, Oregon, performed on China Day. (See an earlier post.)

Ding and Lai were both offer jobs with high salaries with the Sullivan & Considine vaudeville circuit but chose to continue with their schooling. Harry Ding possessed a rare second bass voice. He performed in native costume and toured with the University of Oregon Glee Club.

William Lai, Oregonian Feb 7 1909

William Lai, Oregonian Feb 7 1909

William Lai was known for his remarkable sweet tenor voice. He performed with the University of Washington Glee Club. Ding and Lai both majored in Engineering and planned to go to China after graduating.

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Portland Students Perform on China Day, September 13, 1909

August 21, 2009

Four Chinese from Portland, Miss Moy Ling, pianist, and William Lai, Harry Ding and Thomas Hom took part in the musical exercises on China Day. The opinion was that they honored their teacher, Mrs. Marie S. Wingham and the city of Portland. A critic wrote: “William Lai is a tenor of more than ordinary ability, and when he sang “Then You’ll Remember me,” the applause was nearly deafening. The piano solo of Miss Moy Ling, a Portland High School girl, was well received. The skill with which these Chinese musicians interpreted the Western music was a surprise to the assemblage in the Auditorium.”

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