The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese dragon was the highlight of the parade and China Day. “The great parade dragon that formed the center of attention on China Day was borrowed, not locally owned. Chinese communities in America were closely connected and could usually be counted on to help other communities. In the case of the dragon, it was the rich gold-rush town of Marysville in California that agreed to lend Seattle one of the largest and finest dragons in America, 150 feet in length and needing sixty strong men to carry it. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, it was brought from Marysville in sections, “at great expense,” and assembled in the afternoon before the China Day parades”

J. E. Chilberg, President of A-Y-P, speaking about Goon Dip many years later, had nothing but praise for him. They had become good friends since their A-Y-P days. Chilberg was indebted to Dip for passing on his knowledge of Confucius and his teachings.

Sources:; Seattle Public Library Digital Collection, AYPE., pp 1,2,8.


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